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The Foundation of ANIMAL NUTRITION Are you really meeting your anim

For thousands of years, animals in the wild thrived on a diet of natural, raw foods, which provided all of the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll their bodies were designed to use. But today, whether animals live in our homes, on our farms, or otherwise under our care, their diets are often very different than in the wild. Most of us feed the animals we love commercially produced diets. We take comfort in buying the best commercial diets we can afford and believe that our animals are receiving all of the nutrition they need.

Unfortunately, this belief is just not true. Commercial animal diets do not meet several critical nutritional needs for your animal(s) to achieve optimal levels of health. In fact, many veterinarians are concerned about the nutritional quality animals receive from commercial foods alone. In the spring of 1998, the Animal Protection Institute and the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights, developed a survey to gauge veterinarians views about commercial diets and their impact on animal health. They found that 90 percent of their respondents were concerned about the quality of nutrition available from commercial animal foods.

Animal diets require not only high-quality protein, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins with their co-factor minerals and trace minerals, but also enzymes and "friendly bacteria" (probiotics) to function optimally, have a strong immune system and healthy blood, organs and tissues. Unfortunately, many of the nutrients they require are heat sensitive and critical nutritional properties are destroyed with high heat processing applications or improper storage. It is still common practice to not only use these damaging procedures, but also to use inferior ingredients in most animal foods in order to reduce costs.

Enzymes are necessary for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. When enzymes are not available to the animal from food because of cooking, processing, and storage that are part of even the best commercial diets, the body must compensate and risk depleting its own enzyme supply. In addition, commercial diets are fortified with synthetic vitamins and vitamin isolates instead of whole, natural vitamins. While the addition of these chemicals allows commercial foods to be legally considered "complete" they do not provide the same benefits to the body that whole, natural vitamins and minerals provide. If these nutritional needs are unmet over an extended period of time, your animal will develop an impaired immune system. This may show itself in your animals by any number of symptoms, including increased allergic reactions, dry skin, dull hair/coat, and increased susceptibility to parasites.

Luckily, there is an easy and effective way to fill this gap in your animal & diet. Our wild and organic wholefood animal supplements provide the Four Basic Biological Requirements of animal health:

1. Probiotics

2. Food enzymes

3. Organic nutrients: vitamins, minerals, and trace elements

4. Whole Food Antioxidants.

Probiotics - Acidophilus, Bifidus & Wide Spectrum Probiotics

Why: Friendly bacteria aid in digestion, as well as the absorption and production of nutrients, enzymes, and coenzymes.

What to look for: Improvement in overall well being, sweeter breath, fewer symptoms of poor digestion, and better skin/hair/coat.

Quality Enzymes:

Why: Enzymes aid the digestion of enzyme-deficient foods, thereby lowering the stress that digestion places on the body and assisting in more complete digestion of proteins.

What to look for: Improvement in immune system function, digestion, hair, coat quality, and reductions in skin problems and conditions related to food allergies.

Organic Nutrients:

Sprouted grains and grasses:

Why: Green powder mixes of natural, wild-crafted and organic sprouts, grasses and algae can provide your animal with an unequaled combination of whole foods that have nutritional integrity and enzymatic activity. These green food mixes are a garden of phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, complex carbohydrates, soluble and insoluble fiber. This exceptional mixture of nutrients is as nature intended-from all-natural whole-food sources. They are the healthiest greens to add to your animals diet.

Wild-Crafted Micro Algae:

Why: Algae is the fundamental basis of the food chain and provides nutrition in its simplest and most diverse form. Algae is balanced by nature to provide a broad spectrum of micro-nutrients. Our animal algae is enzymatic-ally active to aid in digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Our animal algae provides phytonutrients vital to the health of the immune system and essential fatty acids which are vital to the health of the liver, heart, kidneys, and brain. Algae is an excellent source of naturally occurring chlorophyll, which supports blood and liver health and assists the body with cleansing of toxins. Algae contains trace amounts of almost every organic mineral in a form highly available to the body. Algae also provides natural, whole vitamins in small, balanced amounts to transform food into energy. Micro algae provides all 22 amino acids in a naturally balanced form.

What to look for: Improvement in overall health will be reflected in skin, hair, coat quality, breeding, reproduction, birthing and lactating - all normal results of a well-nourished body; improvement in learning and ability to focus; reduction of aggressive and fearful behaviors, depression and hyper-activity.

Antioxidants - Quality Sprouts and Algae.

Why: Antioxidants have the potential to enhance cellular function, thereby boosting liver, heart, muscle, and immune system performance. The Sprouts and Algae products have the potential to aid in the removal of excess free radicals through the production of antioxidant enzymes.

What to look for: Improvement in breath odor, energy level, focus, flexibility, liver health, temperament, personality and immune system function.

What makes our products different from other vitamins and mineral supplements on the market?

Almost all of our products are wild, organic and natural food based supplements. Our algae, for example, is a naturally occurring, wild-crafted super food with a broad spectrum of minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, complete amino acid profile, and chlorophyll, all chelated in a formula balanced by nature which allows the animal´s body to utilize all of the nutritional properties more efficiently. According to Dr. Philip Haselden, chiropractor and nutritionist, "no other product enhances a body & acute ability to balance itself naturally to the degree this one (wild micro algae) does."

Our products support the building of healthy cells, blood, tissues, organs and the body by supporting the Four Basic Biological Requirements: Probiotics, Enzymes, Organic Nutrients, and Whole Food Antioxidants, naturally!

Along with a raw, alkaline diet, I give my St. Bernard all of the above and actually we take the same wonderful plant based supplements. Please ask me for more information on the products or nutritional studies that have been done.


Information was summarized from "The Black & White of An Empty Harvest" booklet by Carol Bennett.

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