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DAG - Dogs Against Glyphosate

Pets and Glyphosate – Ref: The Toxin that Came to Dinner by David Sandoval

As we examine the danger and the threat to humans due to the proliferation of glyphosate in our food and the environment, we must also begin to look at its impact on the health of man’s best friend: our pets. The cats and dogs that live in our environment with us will often times be eating pet food that contain high levels of glyphosate, as well as table scraps that we might feed them, thus exposing them to human food that may have a glyphosate contamination. Many commercial dog foods contain grains, seeds and legumes, which are all highly likely to contain glyphosate. Additionally, since pets do not wear shoes like humans, when they walk in the grass on people’s lawns, parks and fields, their paw pads are more likely to absorb chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides in the grass such as Disulfoton, Dicamba, and glyphosate. Because of all these points, an animal’s total exposure may be much, much greater than a humans. There is mounting evidence that this is a problem that needs to be addressed. I was lucky enough to hear a dissertation by a woman named Alex, who actually spoke to a number of veterinarians and specialists on the subject and some of the information that was shared was rather disturbing. Each of the veterinary practitioners reported a dramatic increase in the rate of conditions, maladies and illnesses among cats and dogs, much more so than had been seen in the past. Below are some of the most compelling statements, quotes and data that might make you think twice about where you walk your dog, where you let them play, the food you feed them, and the food that you share, as well as its quality of life and the number of years that you’ll be able to enjoy its’ company, not to mention the medical bills and heartache that might ensue considering your pet's widespread exposure to a chemical like glyphosate.

Quotes from the video “Protect Our Pets from GMOs and Pesticides" created by The Institute for Responsible Technology (https://youtu.be/w5hvB43kNzU): Jeffrey Smith - “The primary toxin in Roundup is called glyphosate. The World Health Organization has classified glyphosate as a probable human carcinogen. But they also said for animals, it’s not probable, it does cause cancer.”

Dr. Marlene Siegal, DVM - “We need to make changes. We need to think differently, we need to change our belief systems, and we need to create the consumer demand for the very foods that will enable our pets to live the longest, healthiest life possible. And until we make that line in the sand, it’s not going to happen.” Dr. Michael W. Fox - “I see the creation of GMOs, genetic engineering, biotechnology, as the last step for the human species to tamper with the earth’s regulatory and creative processes. It’s the invasion on the sanctity of life, purely for human profit.”

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