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The Magic Tea Recipe

Make this tea for your dog which will help calm the nerves in your dog's gut:  Add to some spring water a teaspoon of fennel, anise, caraway seeds and a few pieces of fresh organic ginger.  Boil for five minutes and when the tea is warm not hot, give to your dog.  Use a syringe to help get this tea into your dog or add to your dog's food.   Fennel treats gas and spasms of the digestive tract. Caraway and anise are sweet herbs that reduce spasms in the gastrointestinal tract. Remove the seeds from the tea, you can keep the seeds in the fridge after you pour the water for the tea to make a second tea with the same seeds.  4 to 5 tablespoons a day is enough.  I store the tea once it’s at room temperature in a mason jar in the fridge then I warm up a little every morning to have through-out the day.



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