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Vet & Algae Series - Part 4

Dr. Ron Bowen, DVM & Dr. Debby Dowen, DVM, Chicago, IL:

"We are so excited about the Super Blue Algae. We've seen some real benefits for the immune systems of animals. We had a 12 year old dog brought into the clinic who had been hit by a car. We decided to start him eating Alpha Sun and the original formula enzymes. The dog had to be in a splint for 3 weeks. Every week when he came in to be checked, he was looking better and better. His condition and haircut were improving. By the third week his owner was so impressed she started using the same supplements.

The dog's attitude is wonderful. The day he was brought in, he bit one of the techs and he didn't want anyone to do anything to him. After a couple of days, even though he was still very sore, there was a major improvement in his behavior. Now when he comes in, he even kisses everyone. We also do short nail clips for show dogs. I decided to try sprinkling algae on [their] nails, we [quickly saw] its effect. It did a wonderful job - so we have switched!"



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