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Vet & Algae Series - Part 5

Dr. Nancy Bozeman, DVM

"As a veterinarian using alternative therapies for over 12 years, I have looked at many nutritional products in my practice. Simplexity Health's SBGA is the product line that stays in my practice since it gives the results that I need in my patients. I started using SBGA on the animals after experiencing the change in my own health. It is

wonderful to see the improvement in the animals. Even clients who thought their animals had lovely hair coats are amazed at the further improvement. Of course, the improvement of the hair coat is a reflection of the improvement of internal health.

I always tell my clients that it does not matter what healing modality your medical professional uses-if they do not use superior nutrition then they are not likely to get superior results. I depend on

SBGA to achieve superior nutrition."

Simplexity Health products have “added a whole new dimension to how I help animals.”

Source: New Earth



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