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Dogs with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and More
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If you have made it to our site we know you are searching for the BEST answers for your Fur Baby.

No doubt. I was scared too. 

Your beloved pet has been diagnosed with a serious degenerative condition that can greatly affect their quality of life and shorten their life span

You can restore many of your pets dengenerative conditions , ALL NATURALLY and I can COACH you on on how to do it, like I did!

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A Healthier Pet

I will guide you every step of the way in getting your pet to optimal health.  A whole food along with plant based supplement diet is well balanced and crucial to your pets health.  Ranging from an AM smoothie with an apple, pear and banana or mixed berries with almond butter and coconut water.  For a main meal with meat proteins served either raw or if you prefer to steam the meat lightly you can serve it semi raw with pureed raw vegetables or a raw or 4 minute egg yolk with sea veggies and snacks like pureed avocado with young green coconut meat and zucchini or dates that have been hydrated in spring water for 15 mins pureed with a banana and a tablespoon of almond butter.  So many options to choose from and all so healthy!  My boy drools whenever he knows I'm making his food.  It always something different.


Better Decisions

Pet Nutrition Education can be one of the keys to a happier, healthier dog or cat. DogIBS offers strategic tools and techniques to help clients achieve a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle for their pets. You’ll become well-versed at making the best food-related decisions for your pets health needs. Don’t wait to schedule your consultation today.


DOGIBS has been providing an all natural approach with comprehensive plans that are catered to each pet’s needs. This specialized service puts dogs and cats on the right track to healthy eating and a longer life span.

The Guidance You Need

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


March 2020


My husband and I decided years ago that we would not have children.  Truth be told our dogs are our children.  We have 3 adorable dogs.  All less than 10 pounds and different breads.  Two independent girls and one male, Guapo (because he is so handsome).  He is a little 7-pound, 13-year-old, chihuahua terroir mix and is the love of my life.  He is my side kick, where I go, he follows.  For more than half his life he has had episodes of severe diarrhea.  The 1st time it happened I thought he was dying.  His episodes were always in the middle of the night and I would wake to him squealing from the pain and straining to go potty.

We have met with many different vets over the years and were given pretty much the same answer… He had an irritated tummy … to feed him chicken and rice and give him some antibiotics and pain killers.    This was only a quick fix.  Over the years I have spent a lot of money and tried many different dog foods with no luck.  The last couple of years I was boiling chicken and adding a rehydrated veggie dog food.  This worked for a while, but it seems the older he gets the more often he was having the episodes. 

A couple of months ago after an episode we went to the vet.  Again, I was given antibiotics and pain killers along with a sample of a science diet, which most ingredients I could not pronounce… I felt defeated.  There had to be a better answer.  Out of frustration and desperation I found myself googling dogs with IBS and came across Emanuela and her fur baby’s story.  At 1st I was hesitant but after some thought figured it could not hurt to talk with her.  What she had to say made sense.  “Feed your dog real food.  Make sure he gets all the necessary probiotic and enzymes.“ At this point, I was willing to try anything and am happy I did.  Emanuela reviewed his diet and gave me a daily schedule for his food and supplements.  After three weeks he was acting like a puppy again.  I can tell he just feels better and to my excitement very healthy poops.  I never thought I could be so excited about dog poop. I wish there was more words to say …Thank you Emanuela! 

  Christine & Guapo from Napa Valley, CA