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— Christine & Guapo

Guapo is a 7-pound, 13-year-old, chihuahua terrier mix and is the love of my life. For more than half his life he has had episodes of severe diarrhea. His episodes were always in the middle of the night and I would wake to him squealing from the pain and straining to go potty.

We met with many different vets over the years and were given the same answer… He had an irritated tummy … feed him chicken and rice and give him some antibiotics and painkillers. This was only a quick fix.  Over the years I spent a lot of money and tried many different dog foods with no luck.  

I felt defeated. There had to be a better answer. Out of frustration and desperation, I found myself googling dogs with IBS and came across Emanuela and her fur baby’s story. At 1st I was hesitant but after some thought figured it could not hurt to talk with her.  What she had to say made sense. “Feed your dog real food.  Make sure he gets all the necessary probiotics and enzymes.“  Emanuela reviewed his diet and gave me a daily schedule for his food and supplements. After 3 weeks he was acting like a puppy again.  I can tell he just feels better and to my excitement very healthy poops.  I never thought I could be so excited about dog poop. I wish there were more words to say …Thank you Emanuela! 

—  Lisa Delano

"Thank you so much, Emanuela for helping my dog Bandit.  He's a 9-year-old chihuahua mix and in June, he was diagnosed with low white blood cell count.  I was very concerned.  Through a visit to my daughter's house in July 2018, I spoke with Emanuela and she's been coaching me since then.  I took my took off of commercial dog food and started him on the ramp-up process with the plant-based supplements.  I'm happy to report his last doctor's visit in November, his count has dramatically improved and he's back to being pack leader and bossing his bigger brothers and sister around.  She always checks in on him to see how he's doing.  So grateful I listened to her!"

—  Dawn Ferrera

"Emanuela is a God send!  My 9 year old pug, Jeethro was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in early 2017.  I've been working with her since November 2017 by changing his diet to wholefoods and adding plant-based supplements, all of his rechecks of blood work have been great!  He's so energetic like a puppy again!  Thank God I found her.  She's been coaching me every step of the way.  Now she's working with me to heal my 12 year old Pug named Ella."   

—  Happy Customer and Pup

"In November of 2019, my Bernese Mountain Dog started having severe diarrhea.  A vet's visit diagnosed him with PLE (Protein Losing Enteropathy).  This is very severe and life-threatening.  After a while, when his diarrhea did not go away, while trying various diets, doing an allergy test, etc. we took him to the emergency vet office in Denver. 


They were very caring and thorough and ran many tests on him.  In addition to the PLE, he had salmonella and cryptosporidium.  We have no idea where he got these 2 bugs, many dollars later, but fortunately, with Pet Insurance, we were able to afford all the vet visits.  He had been raised on a raw diet, which we felt was the best for him.  The vet took him off of the raw diet, put him on serious antibiotics, and put him on Royal Canin kibble and canned dog food.   


Needless to say, the antibiotics played havoc with his intestinal system. He started out as a 98 lb dog and was down to 78 lbs and very skin and bones.  After a month or so on Royal Canin, we felt it was not helping but the salmonella was gone.  I really wanted to get him on something that would put weight back on him and keep him healthy.  


I saw online DogIBS and called Emanuela Visone.  Emanuela was very compassionate and helpful and told me about the herbal tea and zucchini/celery mix to start him on, which I did.  In the meantime, she sent me the whole-food diet along with instructions on how to administer the plant-based, whole-food supplements for natural healing.  I immediately bought a Magic bullet so I could puree his fruits and vegetables and bought the wild game, organic meat.  He has been on this diet, and while I haven't weighed him, he no longer is skin and bones and is full of energy with no diarrhea!  Although the diet is involved, it is worth it for digestive concerns.  Meanwhile, Emanuela calls from time to time to see how he is doing, and it is so nice to give a glowing report.  Thank you DogIBS and Emanuela!" 

—  Tanya & Ross

We are so grateful we found Emanuela and the Dog IBS website, she truly saved our dog’s life. Phil, our 5 year old Bernese Mountain Dog has IBD and a very sensitive stomach for his entire life. We tried so many different dog foods and vet prescription diets, and eventually nothing was working anymore. Our poor Phil had diarrhea consistently for over 6 months and lost about 20 pounds. We spent thousands of dollars at multiple vets and he just wasn’t getting any better and none of their suggestions were working. His hair was falling out, he had no energy, he couldn’t jump into the car or on the couch anymore, and we started to feel his bones when we pet him. It was absolutely heartbreaking to watch him suffer, not retain any nutrients, and never actually enjoy his food for months. We really thought we were going to lose him at only 5 years old. Then we found the Dog IBS website. Working with Emanuela has been absolutely amazing. She helped us heal Phil from the inside out with natural foods and a homemade diet that fits our schedule. She’s extremely thorough, always available to answer any questions, and she truly cares about your pet healing. We started seeing results in only a few weeks, it really was a blessing. Phil started having solid poops for the first time in months, started getting more energy, his hair grew back in his bald spots,  and he started gaining weight back. He’s now a perfectly healthy, happy, silly dog that gets super excited for his food at mealtime and dances around. We still reference Emanuela’s tips and tricks if he ever gets an upset tummy on occasion due to his IBD disease and it clears up quickly. My husband and I are so very thankful for meeting Emanuela, her guidance and methods allowed us to enjoy many more years with our dog we wouldn’t have had. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!

—Erica & Benjamin  

We rescued Maddie in 2017. She was full of life but yet something seemed to be missing. My husband noted that she just had no energy, particularly for a puppy. She was hard to potty train and seemed to never warm up to a regular schedule. Fast forward a couple of years and she all of a sudden couldn't hold her bowels and would have bouts of pure diarrhea (luckily mostly outside.) We did the obligatory visits to the vet and even emergency vet for an ultrasound (because at that point she was having accidents inside.) It was suggested that we pay an exorbitant amount of money to fully diagnose her with IBS. We stayed true to the "diet" they recommended but it only lasted so long. Low and behold, with every doggie daycare visit, she would come back a mess (to no fault of their own.) I got desperate and then found our angel, Emanuela. (Because nothing was helping and we were at our wits end.) She guided us through the rough time and gave advice right off the bat that almost immediately started taking effect in a good way for our dog. A  few months later, our dog is thriving. She is more energetic and we can tell she feels better. (She never used to even have the will to get off the couch when we got home--now she greets us with toys every single time.) My husband was skeptical at first but absolutely saw the difference in her. Everything is connected and with our dog not doing well, it put stress on us. She now looks forward to meals and walks at the beach. We have a totally different dog. And we give Emanuela all the credit. We highly recommend Emanuela! She was a life saver for our dog and her (and our) livelihood. 

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