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A Natural Solution


Conventional vs Natural



Expensive treatments


Come with side effects


Utilize drugs


Ignore the root cause


Treat symptoms only


Contain toxins


Can cause additional illness



Gets to the root cause


No harmful side effects


Utilizes natural, healthy elements


Addresses the pup as a whole


Boosts overall health and well-being


Helps eliminate toxins


Does NOT cause additional illness

The Downfall of Conventional Treatment

Colitis aka Dog IBS can involve very expensive treatment options such as surgery and drugs that have serious negative side effects. Perhaps, additional conditions are present such as recurring bad breath from proliferation of candida, gut motility disorder, high strung behavior, inability to gain weight, dry and itchy skin. ALL of these conditions may have the same underlying cause.

The good news is that these conditions can be reversed naturally! The bad news is that most conventional approaches to these conditions only treat the symptoms and add to the problem by ignoring the root causes of these conditions.  As a result, toxins associated with digestive system dysfunction are frequently absorbed and distributed to other parts of the body that eventually can cause new illnesses to develop.  

The traditional path of diagnosis can involve a colonoscopy accompanied by the taking of multiple biopsies from different places of tissues lining the colon. This procedure requires either heavy sedation or general anesthesia. Traditional vets may also recommend abdominal exploratory surgery (laparotomy), which is highly invasive and can expose the animal to a greatly increased risk of intraabdominal infection. 

The expense of doing such procedures is huge, but mainly it is the discomfort, pain and stress that such invasive procedures can put on your beloved dog is simply heart breaking.  


After these invasive procedures, comes the treatment options of traditional vets which are the broad spectrum antibiotics, anti-inflammatory steroid drugs and immunosuppressive drugs that are usually prescribed for canine colitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  As you know, the negative side effects of these drugs are dangerous to an already weak dog.  Some of the well-known side-effects of these drugs are: weak immune system, high blood glucose levels, fluid retention, depression, Cushing’s syndrome, painful hips, anxiety, and glaucoma or cataracts.

Is this really what you want for your dog? There is no guarantee that this will give lasting health to your beloved dog. What if there is a much different, more effective and natural way?

If you are looking for a natural healing approach for your pet's health challenge that works and also addresses the underlying causes of degenerative diseases, possibly saving you thousands of dollars, I’m here to help you

Suffering from the horrific symptoms of a failing intestine is not your dog's inescapable destiny. Like a breath of fresh air, this website will teach you how to use a natural diet and a whole food supplement program to heal your dog's intestine and body.

So, let the journey begin by contacting me and I sincerely hope that the information provided in this website will lead you and your dog(s) to a much healthier life.

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