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Meet Emanuela


No More Sleepless Nights

The main force behind Dog IBS is a deep desire to help pet owners achieve their goals in getting their dogs and cats back to full vibrancy.  Whether your pet is in good health and you want to give them a longer life span or has a chronic degenerative condition like colitis/Irritable Bowel Syndrome as my boy had, each client is individually assessed by me and provided with a well-researched and comprehensive plan they can follow for the rest of their pet's life.  I am available anytime you have a question, I will hold your hand each step of the way.  It's not an overnight fix, it took approximately 8 months to reverse Sonnie's colitis/IBS.

Who am I: I’m a nutrition researcher and educator. I believe that the best approach to animal and human health is to work with whole foods, not man-made supplements. Simply put, “The quality of an  animal's health reflects in large measure the quality of  the foods they eat and the water they drink, from which their bodies are made.”

My health philosophy is based on the fact that an animal's body is a marvelously designed living organism with the ability to grow, regulate, repair, and defend itself when given natural, high quality, full spectrum nutrients.  The result of this philosophy is to depend on whole foods and whole food supplements from natural and organically grown foods to enhance the quality of the animal's body performances (physical, mental, and emotional).

I’m a certified health and life coach by profession. I’m a health researcher and educator based on all the research I’ve done to heal my own body,  my sweet fur-baby and the pets I’ve worked with.  In my extensive research along with working with many naturopathic specialists, I found the answer I was searching for.  In healing Sonnie, I now have the powerful knowledge and skills to assist others in naturally healing their pets.  Reiki was also a big part of our journey, it helped me understand what his likes and dislikes were.  The recommendations I give are always based on the philosophy that "Food is the best medicine." 

Sometimes we need doctors and vets, but in chronic conditions such as colitis and IBS, only the body can heal itself and it can only do that through good nutrition, good food based supplements, good water, exercise, love, etc.

All of the information she has learned comes from medical doctors.  Through my own life experience with her guidance in seeing with my own eyes how changing my dogs diet to a wholefood diet transformed him from having chronic diarrhea for months coupled with loud gurgling gas noises coming from his stomach as well as out of the blue getting up licking the air and pacing back and forth whimpering to completely healed, has not had diarrhea in 2 years, not once.  I knew I had to help others do the same.   These doctors, though unknown, and only a handful in number, do not prescribe chemical drugs, but they rely on good nutrition. These medical doctors have proven through clinical research and studies that there is a direct relationship between what happens in the digestive tract and liver, which are the first two lines of defense in the body, and all degenerative diseases. If you go to one of these MDs or vets, they will do tests and in all cases, they will tell you the same thing; take care of the digestive system and the liver and the chronic problem will go away.  One of these medical doctors is Henry Bieler, M.D. who wrote about the gut and liver connection to all degenerative conditions back in 1950. What he says in this book also applies to pets’ degenerative conditions. Now many of the current practicing MDs and vets are proving the same theory: there is a gut and liver connection to all degenerative conditions. Their books are full of logical information and are very empowering to all of us because they've proven that we are our own best doctors if we just eat right and feed our pets right.

Out of all the confusing information available we have found the path to better health and we are happy to share this information with you.

It is based on sound, proven scientific principles that, for some reason, are still outside of the mainstream thinking of most medical doctors and vets. If you are ready for this new holistic approach, I would love to teach you about it, and coach you in the process of how to heal your dog naturally, just as I have for hundreds of other dog lovers. 

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