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Sonnie's Triumph over Colitis

Our Story

This page was created to assist and guide pet owners on how to bring your loved pets to optimal health, naturally!

See as I did how a raw organic diet along with vital supplements can transform your ailing pet into a vibrant, energetic and happy animal. Even if your pet is in good health, you can maximize their full potential and give them a longer life span. You can customize the diet to work with your busy schedule.

Since February 2016 in working with Donia whom I call my earth angel, I reversed my beautiful 8 year old, St. Bernard named Sonnie colitis/IBS and now I want to pay it forward with helping others achieve the same.

In July 2014, after we returned home from a play date with his buddies, he drank some water and suddenly he was in distress. Pacing back and forth, moaning and whimpering. I noticed his stomach was distended and hard to the touch. I also noticed a bulge protruding from one side. I didn't delay and rushed him to the hospital in fear that he had bloat which is different from what the results were. Later I would come to find out the bulge I felt was his spleen that had blown up from his stomach completely twisting. He was rushed into surgery and had the Gstroplexy procedure as well as having his spleen removed. I'm so grateful he survived and thankfully the procedure prevents his stomach from twisting again but unfortunately one of the possible side effect is colitis. He had digestive issues as a puppy but after the surgery it was terrible. The loud gurgling noises, diarrhea for months and vomiting was heart wrenching for me to watch, I felt helpless. He was unable to digest even the blandest of commercial dog foods. I started to cook his meals, mainly chicken with brown rice and some veggies. This helped but definitely not enough. I was at a loss and he was in so much pain until God and the universe answered my prayers when I found Donia, I now call her my earth angel. She is also my mentor.

All ailments stem from an unhealthy gut. Chemical drugs only mask the issues, they don't heal your pets. They only subside the symptoms but don't cure your loved fur-baby.

If you are at a loss as I was, please contact me for more information. I look forward to assisting you on achieving optimal health for your pet.

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