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Optimal Nutrition: The Missing Health Link For Link For Animals

Optimal Nutrition: The Missing Health Link For Animals 2003-07-12

Millions of people give great care and attention to their personal health and nutritional well being, while ignoring some important members of their family: the pets! Believing that animal health is fully taken care of by regular visits to the vet and high quality pet food, pet owners nationwide may be missing a crucial part of the health equation. Many leading animal health experts point to lifetime nutrient malabsorption as the leading cause and hastener of many chronic ailments in the animal community. "From domestic to wild, animals of all types have at least one thing in common with humans: Optimal nutrition provides optimal health," says Nancy A. Bozeman, D.V.M., M.S., B.S, of The Animal Doctor Clinic, Arlington, TX. According to Dr. Bozeman, obtaining a high level of nutrition is more elusive than one might think. "While 'gourmet' or 'fortified' pet food may be a hopeful solution," she says, "A big bag of synthetic supplements may not be the way to optimize an animal's health. Regardless of the treatments an animal may need, if you don't have superior nutrition you can't have superior results." The Solution: A More Natural Diet Even if an animal seems healthy, it may not be receiving the proper levels of what acclaimed animal therapist, author and lecturer, Carol Bennett, B.T., N.A., calls the "Three Basic Biological Requirements." In her recently published book, "Black & White of An Empty Harvest, Examining the Gray Area of Nutrition," she outlines the need for returning to nature as we look for solutions to failing health - both human and animal. The three basic biological requirements that Bennett describes are: probiotics, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, which support the balance of natural 'friendly' bacteria present in the body of all organisms; food enzymes, such as protease, amylase and lipase, which aid in breaking down food into bioavailable forms; and-most important- minerals and trace minerals in a highly assimilable form. "Animals and humans can live on diets that are deficient in these properties - and even appear relatively healthy. However, if we take the same deficient bodies and support the 'three basic biological requirements,' we can achieve vibrant health." The Solution in Action Imagine seeing a herd of mustangs, expecting to see strong, muscular physiques, shining coats and boundless, frolicking energy, only to find a set of horses that were more bone than muscle, with thickly matted winter coats still hanging on, even though the summer heat was over 100 degrees. This is exactly what Carol Bennett encountered when she was summoned to help with 140 mustangs rescued from the brink of death. "A mare and her foal could barely stand, their ribs were thinly covered by their thin skin (top right) and the mare was unable to produce milk," says Bennett. "It was just too much to bear. I knew that these horses needed a high level of nutrition, immediately." Calling the endeavor the "Mustang Project," Bennett worked with a group of veterinarians to rescue the horses from otherwise certain death due to starvation and malnutrition. An extensive and exhaustive routine of treatment included supporting the overall health of the animals with probiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. "While many of the horses needed specific medical treatment," says Bennett, "The 22 that received an additional element; Organic Micro Algae, which contains a broad spectrum of bioavailable micronutrients, recovered the most quickly and completely." Organic Micro Algae is Aphanizomenon-flos aquae, a wild, natural algae harvested from Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon by New Earth. "These horses' ribs became completely covered (bottom) more readily than the others, their coats regained their natural sheen, their eyes became bright and clear, and they regained their energy and vigor quite quickly," says Bennett. "My only regret for the whole project is that all 140 horses didn't get to eat the micro algae for the three months of their rehabilitation." Budgetary constraints did not allow for the inclusion of the Organic Micro Algae for all of the horses, however all of them received intensive natural and medical treatments and all 140 have fully recovered. Bennett reported from the field in December 2000, "All of the horses have been placed in new homes - 134 of them went to a 1,000 acre private range in Montana and the other six were placed in permanent foster care." Bring the Solution Home: Improve Your Animal's Health Bennett has not only helped the mustangs using therapy based on fulfilling their biological needs and using the Organic Mirco Algae, but has been able to help a range of domestic animals as well as exotic animals including leopards, tigers and lions. Ironically, her therapy using this overall health approach began at home with her 13-year-old dog, "Blue." She was suffering from old age and the onset of cancer. With natural dietary treatment that included the Micro Algae, Bennett says, "Blue's symptoms began to completely reverse. She went from having no energy, dull and shedding hair, cracked footpads, blackened teeth and bad breath to having lots of energy, shiny hair, soft and smooth footpads, whiter teeth and fresh-smelling breath." Bennett, who is known internationally for her lectures, seminars and consultations on her animal body balancing technique called, "Touch Balancing," based upon the Bowen Therapy for humans, recommends approaching the health of animals based upon biological requirements. She says, "It is important that people understand the importance of balancing and supporting overall health of their pets and to take the knowledge beyond the consultation or therapy session." Bennett and her associates who are veterinarians stress the importance of adopting the natural health approach as a lifelong endeavor. "It is not enough to go to the therapist or vet and get a treatment plan that is dropped after the visual cues of an ailment are gone," says Don Moore, D.V.M of the Adobe Creek Animal Clinic, Fruita, CO. "I've been complementing my traditional practice with more natural, alternative therapies to help boost the basic health level of my patients," says Moore, "It is important to provide the nutritional building blocks that are necessary for optimal health." Therapists and veterinarians worldwide are incorporating and recommending to their clients a more natural approach to supporting and regaining overall health. Bennett, Bozeman and Moore have incorporated a variety of elements to this approach, which you can begin to include in your animal care regimen. * Seven Tips To Raise Your Pet's Health Quotient Use Probiotics Use Enzymes Use Bio-available Minerals from products such as the Organic Mirco Algae Supply Filtered Water Provide Ample Exercise Provide Nurturing through training, contact and social interaction

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