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Leaky Gut Syndrome in your Pet

Leaky gut syndrome is a term used when the intestines become damaged and the wall becomes more "porous" to the extent that some of the contents passing through the intestines are allowed to get into the bloodstream when they should be kept out. When this happens, the immune system kicks into gear to stop these invaders in the blood. Agents of the immune system latch on to the invaders - like a policeman handcuffing himself to a crook. This bonding is called an immune complex.

Typically, the immune complex should be escorted out of the body quickly. However, this task often falls to the liver, which may be quite overworked and not able to do this immediately. If not removed in a timely fashion, the troublesome particles and complexes can migrate through the body and settle in any of the different tissues they pass by. This leads to inflammation in whatever part of the body they settle.

A leaky gut, therefore, can lead to food intolerances, yeast overgrowth and inflammation. Because these issues affect the gut, they also have a profound impact on the nerves, the brain, and behavior.

Traditional Vets are not taught anything about the leaky gut syndrome but when you Google these words you will find that it has a good amount of scientific studies and research that has been done in the last few decades explaining what causes leaky gut, and how to heal the gut.

A compromised or injured intestinal lining means certain enzymes will not be available and digestion is impaired and this is why I recommend the use of digestive enzymes with foods to assist in breaking down foods properly and on empty stomach to reduce inflammation. Giving enzymes to your pet with his/her cooked meals and on empty stomach are primary ways of proactively supporting gut health.

The nice thing about enzymes is they address the damaged gut, problematic immune complexes, food intolerances, and nutrient deficiencies all at the same time.

I found that the average time for a leaky gut to heal with the use of probiotics, digestive enzymes and micro algae is about three to six months, and going up to 12 to 24 months for more severe cases.

To heal the gut, minerals are required especially zinc and this is why you want to give your pet micro algae as one of the best sources of organic minerals.

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