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A Dog’s Healing Journey, Healing Occurs on a Priority Basis

In the world of coaching, one subject has consistently emerged during my conversations with pet owners, and it's no different when it comes to our canine companions than it is with humans. This topic has sparked my own curiosity, leading me to explore the intricate workings of a dog's body and its remarkable ability to heal its organs and systems, all with a precise sense of priority. This journey of understanding has not only transformed my approach as a coach but has also illuminated the awe-inspiring mechanisms at play within our furry friends' bodies. Join me in this exploration as we uncover the secrets of a dog's innate healing intelligence.

"Have you ever halted your pup's wellness journey because the improvements you sought seemed elusive and out of reach?"

Just as a dog's body operates on a priority basis, it heals in the same way. This means that essential parts of the body receive healing attention before less vital tissues. Therefore, it's crucial not to attempt to dictate to a dog's body what it should work on. For example, if you decide to administer certain herbs to address a specific issue like liver detoxification, you might interfere with the body's natural healing priorities. While you may intend to aid the liver, the body might prioritize another area, such as the heart. Redirecting healing energy through interventions like herbs can lead to unintended consequences. Energy may be diverted from vital organs to the liver, potentially causing significant issues in the heart due to this interference.

A dog's body will heal only to the extent it has sufficient nutrients and excess energy beyond basic survival needs. During the healing process, your furry friend may experience reduced energy levels compared to their usual vitality. However, this doesn't mean that the body robs energy from vital cellular functions for healing. Instead, it signifies that the body has redirected any surplus energy toward the healing process. This surplus energy is what isn't necessary for immediate survival and maintaining balance (homeostasis). In Sonnie’s healing journey, he initially experienced more fatigue and took more naps during the first month, but he gradually gained more energy as the healing progressed.

If you're interested in delving deeper into the healing process and understanding the concept of the healing crisis in dogs, consider checking out my book, "Healing Through Nature's Medicine: A Story of Hope." In the book, I delve further into these topics, with a particular focus on page 35.

A dog's capacity to heal is a testament to its resilience, a silent yet potent force that rejuvenates and restores, often in the face of formidable challenges.



In loving memory of my Sonnie boy


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