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Another Wonderful Testimony From a Happy Pet Parent! Olaf's Natural Healing Journey.

True joy in my life is helping fur babies get well and thrive again!


My seven year-old pit-mix Olaf was having routine blood work done for a skin tag removal in February 2019 when they found significantly elevated liver enzyme levels. After many tests it was determined that he had chronic hepatitis with scarring of the liver. With the help of Emanuela Visone from DogIBS, we switched him from dry kibble to a raw food diet and put him on wholefood supplements. At the same time, he was also taking medication and undergoing Reiki healing sessions. After six months it was apparent that his digestion needed more support, so I consulted with a Holistic Veterinarian and we started him on a homeopathic remedy and added cooked grains. Less than one year later, his liver enzymes are slowly starting to come down, his allergies are almost totally gone, his digestion is complete, and he’s happier, which means I’m happier! Collectively, this team helped my boy get healthy!

Tanya Miszko, Ed.D, CSCS, L.Ac 30MinitesofEverything


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