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Detox Vs. Disease

Assurance of negative symptoms being

a healing crisis and not a real disease

When you change your pet’s diet for the better – meaning now you are feeding your pet a real food diet and adding whole food supplements - the body responds in a very specific way. With the nutrients supplied with the better diet, the body is now able to get rid of toxins and wastes that have been inhibiting or delaying the healing process. In essence, the body is now able to do the internal housecleaning that will move it toward better health.

But because of this internal housecleaning, your pet’s health may look worse before it looks better. Or more likely, their health will get better initially for several weeks, and then something “negative” happens like vomiting, diarrhea, eye or ear discharge, skin itching or blotches, seizures etc. Your vet and our culture has conditioned you to believe that what is happening is “bad” and needs to be stopped at all costs. You may think “what is going on here – I am doing great things for my pet but their health is going backwards, not forwards!?”

What you really need or want to know is if the negative symptoms your pet is experiencing are those of the healing process or whether they are symptoms of a disease process? With few exceptions, it can safely be assured that if the diet is better and the right whole food supplements are being given to your pet in a natural healing program, whatever symptoms come along, they are of the cleansing/healing variety.

There is no set formula for determining this, but generally the more toxic the pet has been (commercial foods, infections, tons of medical drugs like antibiotics and steroids), the more acidic the internal conditions and the less vitality the body will have initially during the healing process, and the more internal housecleaning is necessary. Nonetheless, the body is capable of healing itself and the healthful diet will continue to improve the negative symptoms.

The difference between healing and disease symptoms

It is not unusual that when you make a positive change in your pet's diet for the better, at some point you then watch your pet experience negative symptoms like fever or loss of energy or mucous filled stools or diarrhea. I'm sure this question comes up in your mind: "Is my pet cleansing or does my pet have the real causes of fever or bacterial diarrhea and should I go to the vet to get some antibiotics to stop these symptoms?" The answer is that yes your pet may have the symptoms of fever or diarrhea like the real disease but likely not the causes. There is a huge difference. The real diseases are "survival diseases" and fever and diarrhea are used to rid the body of bacteria. But your pet’s body is being infused with better/more nutrients and it may also use these symptoms for cleansing purposes. Your pet will be healthier after these negative symptoms have run their course provided that you stay out of the body's way by not trying to "cure" your pet's temporary condition. The pets who are NOT on a healthy diet and food based supplements who are experiencing fever, loss of energy and diarrhea will experience the illness as a survival mechanism. They will not receive the potential cleansing advantages of the situation, simply because they continue to be fed the harmful commercial diets that put our pets at a lower vitality or frequency and thus allows these degenerative symptoms to continue. Your pet will be at a lower frequency following the fever and diarrhea as well and further health problems are likely.

Pets who are on a real food diet and food based supplements will be at a higher frequency of health following the course of the fever and diarrhea. They are moving toward health and regeneration, and their bodies may continue to have these cleansing symptoms on and off over time. But they are now on an upward spiral toward better health and off the downward spiral of degenerative disease. The baffling thing is that the symptoms can often look the same. Stay the course! Give the body the much needed rest it needs to heal.


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