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Healthy Gut, Happy Pup!

The best feeling in the world is to get an awesome update from one of the pet mommy's I was working with.

This is Bandit, a 10 year Chihuahua I started working with his mom in July 2018 when she reached out to because he was significantly overweight and his white blood cell count was through the roof, he also had a lot of pain in one knee. She was so concerned and felt hopeless.

See his wonderful transformation. This is a picture of him then and now. He is healed, Thank you God. He lost 7 pounds and is now 15 pounds from 22 pounds. His blood count is back to normal, he no longer has pain in his knee and is acting like a puppy again. This was all achieved by using food as your best medicine. Giving him a wholefood diet coupled with the purest and best supplements I think in the world, he is now resilient again. This makes my heart smile. Everything starts from the gut health. The gut controls all of the health systems in the body.

Healthy Gut, Happy Pup!


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