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Maddies Guardian Angel

"We rescued Maddie in 2017. She was full of life but yet something seemed to be missing. My husband noted that she just had no energy, particularly for a puppy. She was hard to potty train and seemed to never warm up to a regular schedule. Fast forward a couple of years and she all of a sudden couldn't hold her bowels and would have bouts of pure diarrhea (luckily mostly outside.) We did the obligatory visits to the vet and even emergency vet for an ultrasound (because at that point she was having accidents inside.) It was suggested that we pay an exorbitant amount of money to fully diagnose her with IBS. We stayed true to the "diet" they recommended but it only lasted so long. Low and behold, with every doggie daycare visit, she would come back a mess (to no fault of their own.) I got desperate and then found our angel, Emanuela. (Because nothing was helping and we were at our wits end.) She guided us through the rough time and gave advice right off the bat that almost immediately started taking effect in a good way for our dog. A few months later, our dog is thriving. She is more energetic and we can tell she feels better. (She never used to even have the will to get off the couch when we got home--now she greets us with toys every single time.) My husband was skeptical at first but absolutely saw the difference in her. Everything is connected and with our dog not doing well, it put stress on us. She now looks forward to meals and walks at the beach. We have a totally different dog. And we give Emanuela all the credit. We highly recommend Emanuela! She was a life saver for our dog and her (and our) livelihood."

Changing families' lives and blessing them with great heath. Empowering people to heal themselves and live a great life. I love what I do!


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