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My latest interview on the Podcast Heart of Healing with Tom Fuld

Happy Hump Day!! Hope everyone enjoy this beautiful day! I sure did by taking a walk in the park, enjoying nature and am so thankful for my niece Idalia.

Today is her 17th birthday and I wish her the happiest of birthdays! I love you to infinity and beyond. How did you take advantage of the day?

Here is my latest interview on the podcast Heart of Healing with Tom Fuld.

His podcast is a 30 minute conversation/interview with healing practitioners like myself. You can learn about a wide variety of healing modalities. Most of his guests have made long and fascinating journeys from their first job/career to this, the work of their heart.

I'm truly grateful to God and the Universe that I get to help people regain the joy they've been missing out on due to months and/or years of not feeling well.

I hope you enjoy the interview :)


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