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Testimonial on how Tanya & Ross restored their sweet fur baby Phil's health naturoPAWthically!

We are so grateful we found Emanuela and the Dog IBS website, she truly saved our dog’s life. Phil, our 5 year old Bernese Mountain Dog has IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease) and a very sensitive stomach for his entire life. We tried so many different dog foods and vet prescription diets, and eventually nothing was working anymore. Our poor Phil had diarrhea consistently for over 6 months and lost about 20 pounds. We spent thousands of dollars at multiple vets and he just wasn’t getting any better and none of their suggestions were working. His hair was falling out, he had no energy, he couldn’t jump into the car or on the couch anymore, and we started to feel his bones when we pet him. It was absolutely heartbreaking to watch him suffer, not retain any nutrients, and never actually enjoy his food for months. We really thought we were going to lose him at only 5 years old. Then we found the Dog IBS website. Working with Emanuela has been absolutely amazing. She helped us support Phil's health from the inside out with natural foods and a homemade diet that fits our schedule. She’s extremely thorough, always available to answer any questions, and she truly cares about your pet healing. We started seeing results in only a few weeks, it really was a blessing. Phil started having solid poops for the first time in months, started getting more energy, his hair grew back in his bald spots, and he started gaining weight back. He’s now a perfectly healthy, happy, silly dog that gets super excited for his food at mealtime and dances around. We still reference Emanuela’s tips and tricks if he ever gets an upset tummy on occasion due to his IBD disease and it clears up quickly. My husband and I are so very thankful for meeting Emanuela, her guidance and methods allowed us to enjoy many more years with our dog we wouldn’t have had. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!

-Tanya and Ross


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