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Vets & Algae Series - Part 1

Source: New Earth

Dr. Michael Lemmon, DVM, Renton, WA, in Common Sense Care for Your Best Friend (available from the Doris Day Animal League) writes:

Wild Crafted Blue Algae "is harvested from the pollution free, mineral-rich Klamath Lake in southern Oregon and processed in its raw state thereby preserving all its nutrients, including its enzymes. This type of algae comes in two basic forms. [The whole algae]... is providing a high level of nutrition for the whole body. [The heart of the algae] enhances brain activity and mental awareness.

Veterinarians have found this algae to be very helpful in the healing process even for conditions that are difficult to treat. It has also been shown to be helpful in animals for overcoming negative mental and emotional states such as fearfulness and hostile aggressiveness.

This algae product provides the basic essential nutritional support to help restore health in many disease conditions and it helps to maintain a healthy and glossy hair coat. Plus, it is a raw food that doesn't have to be heated during processing as do spirulina and chlorella."

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